Lego City Expansion!

Street repair

Despite the sagging economy it seems that real estate development in Lego City is booming!  Sydney and I have been working on our city plan and have been trying out a few ideas until we figure out where we want the city to end up.  This is just a suggested layout on the tables that we have at the moment so there’s no room for the Lego City Municipal Airport, the suburbs, nor our Agents and their sworn enemies – the Bad Guys!  We have however got our fire and police services working together, main street is about half way there, there’s been some progress on expanding the agricultural areas, and we even have some ‘beach front’ at the moment.  It’s a work in progress but its getting there bit at a time – so for now please pardon our mess!

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Street scene
One of the regional train hubs
Another street scene
Looking down main street
Down at the lake...
Inside the bank
Green grocer...
Fire house kitchen and rec room...
Department store top floor - toys
Front of the old fire house

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