I Photosynth’d Godwins Hollow!

So if you haven’t seen it Microsoft has a little hunk of free software that they’ve been playing with for several months now that it pretty cool.  Its an excellent piece of stitching software – for making panoramic pictures but you can also do the opposite and take pictures of an object from multiple angles, sides, whatever and it will pull them together into a faux 3D object of sorts.  If that’s your thing you can check it out here – it’s called Photosynth.

I hadn’t really messed with it much since last summer but I somehow found myself at the site and downloaded the latest version.  So with software in hand I needed something to synth and of course that meant that I had to make the short trip out to Godwins Hollow.  Wanting to play with both versions I took some shots of the city as a whole and then pulled in tight on a new addition – the law offices of Pearcy, Luney, & Stewart – Attorney’s at Law.  Feel free to check both of them out below.

Not too shabby for free software if you ask me.

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