Happy Mother’s Day

Yes, today’s the day.  We called last night so Mimi could watch last night’s performance of what is becoming our weekly evening at the theater showing the always fresh and exciting Sydney Godwin Experience.  I’m pretty sure mom and dad are having a bit of lunch right now as I just called to say hello on the day of but alas there was no answer.  I was looking for some pictures that I had scanned years ago and while I will obviously have to revisit my folder labeling structure I wasn’t able to find what I was looking for.  So in the meantime I figured that a few shots of the Sweet Pea with the two most amazing mom’s I’ve ever known will have to suffice.  I love you, Mom.  Happy Mother’s Day!

Brand new baby Sydney with her mom
Sydney and my mom on the beach in 2007

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  1. Thank you Stewart I almost went to bed without seeing this, I am so glad I checked. I love you, Mom

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