Happy Halloween!

Boo! Yup, its Halloween. It kinda gets blown over in Kuwait. They have their own knockin on doors for candy holiday (Gurgian) and besides its like that last few days of Ramadan. But we’re still in the spooky spirit! Sydney dressed up as a cheerleader for school and brought in treats for the rest of the class. We’re having a little party tonight and she’s going as Fairytopia (a fairy princess type of thing). Two costumes in one day! If you’ve made it this far I’m sure you’ll have already noticed the new picture on the front page – it was Sydney before school this morning.

I’m on my way out to Camp Arifjan today. My new employer has amazingly completed all the paperwork for my CAC so I’m going out to get my picture taken and pick up my new card. My last one expired in July of this year so I’ve been without base privileges for some time now. Hopefully they’ll have an AFN box out at the PX too. As soon as I get my card I’ve got to run over to the contracting office but before I leave Arifjan today I’m stopping by the PX. Mom & Dad have bought us an AFN Receiver for Christmas so all we have to do now is wait for the PX to get one in stock and we’ll finally have real TV! No offense to all the folks who work at Orbit & Showtime Arabia but its just not the same. No more commercials in Arabic, no more watching shows a year after they’re on in the States, no more CNN in an English accent!!! I can hardly wait.

Well check back later for more Halloween pictures. Oh, I’ve also got the Sydney 02-03 and Sydney 03-04 Galleries online. Still need to get the Jordan and Friends & Family Galleries finished. I’m also working up another new page for our video files and probably one last gallery for our trip to States over the summer. Catch y’all later!

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