Happy Eid or ‘I can finally have a coke in my car again!’

Before the hate mail starts showing up – I meant absolutely no disrespect by the title of this post and with the exception of some iced tea under my desk I did my best to fast along with everyone else around here. But you really can’t begrudge me the tea – neither my Episcopalian nor Southern roots would allow for an entire month with no iced tea.

Ok, so I haven’t exactly made as much progress on the site as I was hoping for during the long weekend. But! The Godwin’s are now the proud owners of a brand new roof-top grotto! Personally, I’m calling it “The Beach” but Anita is stuck on this grotto thing. We took all of the patio furniture upstairs, an old kitchen table, all of Syndey’s outdoor stuff, found a floor model patio umbrella for nothing, strung up some lights, and added some plants and there ya go! (I don’t have any pictures of The Beach with our plants but hang in there – they’re coming.) We even found a moving sale in the paper and stopped by since they said they had plants – picked up 5 huge plants for 20KD! Best of all one of them was just like two of our trees from the living room and the woman moving knew exactly how to care for them so hopefully our little anemic trees will start filling out a little more sometime soon. So anyways, we’ve been up there all weekend putting it together and then just hanging out. Anita and I both really miss the green of home so we think this should help immensely. Swing on by anytime – you can even bring some marshmallows – we’ve got a fire pit! Well its an old Webber kettle grill but it works just fine.

I’m also off to Qatar for a few days. Allied wants me to head down there to get some pricing done for them. I’m not quite sure why I can’t do that over the phone or by email but since they’re depositing the pay checks I’ll go where they ask me to go. I’m sure I’ll check in while I’m down there – and hey, maybe I’ll get enough cool pictures to put up a Qatar gallery. I’ll be in Doha for the week but I’m sure there are some neat things there. Anita and Syd won’t be able to go which really stinks but they’ve got The Beach to hang out at so its not quite so bad for them.

I think that about does it for this time around – I’ll catch y’all next time.

2 thoughts on “Happy Eid or ‘I can finally have a coke in my car again!’”

  1. Posted the site review. I know you said you still needed to work on the website, but I’m an impatient girl 😉
    Here’s the 🙂

  2. Not a problem – I’ve obviously been pulled away on work. Will keep hacking away at it while I can. Still working up a little counter link back to you so hang in there its on the way.

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