Happy Easter!

Happy Easter to both our readers!  We’re glad you hopped on by today.  It’s been a really busy week for us.  We started decorating last Sunday and actually got wrapped up pretty quickly despite the number of Easter tubs we had upstairs.  My usual assistant was on hand to help out.

Sydney decorating
Contemplating her choices

Of course we had to bust out the egg-dye-o-rama and color up some eggs.  When going through the holiday stuff and organizing our storage area a bit I consolidated all of the holiday decor into like groupings and when I went through the Easter stuff we had boxes upon boxes of egg dye kits.  So this year we doubled up some of our colors and got some really deep shades.

The artist at work
I think this one ended up being Pop's egg...
Oh dear God... who gave Anita the camera?

But alas our egg coloring skills were just for our benefit.  The B’s had us over for Easter along with our mutual friends Erin & Jamie.  It was a great time, we all grilled out and the kids had an egg hunt out front.  We stuffed plastic eggs with jelly beans and skittles so by the time we left most of the kids were pinging off the walls – it was awesome!

The kids waiting to get out to the hunt
On the hunt
More egg hunting

Finally after all of the week’s festivities we finally came to Easter Sunday!  Our good friend the EB stopped by and left a ton-o-goodies for everyone. Anita and I got a little basket of goodies along with a huge bag with two egg cups and a matching basket from Mimi & Pop and Granny sent a giant bag of gummies for me!   Of course Sydney could barely believe her eyes this morning.  In her basket she had the normal assortment of candies and the require chocolate bunny, two new bracelet, and a giant tub of Legos!  The big hit was surrounding her basket tho – she got a whole lego city with a farm, a service station, a whole team of super agents and a squad of attacking bad guys!  We’ve been legoing all morning!  Granny sent the new Barbie movie and some Starbursts.  Mimi and Pop sent a bag full of fun – paddle balls, splat balls, books, posters, stickers, a figurine, and tons of Easter candy.  Chocolate overload, lego minifigs everywhere, and tons of Easter grass!  An awesome day all around!

Before Syd made it down
Coming down - four hours after waking up mom and dad!
Presents from Mimi, Pop, and Granny
Puppy poster - awwwwww

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  1. Loved all the beautiful pictures! What a lucky girl to get so much from the easter Bunny!
    We enjoyed seeing your Easter.

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