Happy Birthday!!!

What the flowers should have looked like...

Not to me – that’s tomorrow for anyone counting.  Today is my momma’s birthday.  Sydney and Anita took me out for my birthday dinner today since there was a school holiday but we called to sing Happy Birthday to mom in the middle of the Avenues – Sydney did a dance – it was quite the show.  Mom had wanted a mini fridge for her classroom but went out last week and bought that herself all of like four days before her birthday but dad had a fall back – apparently my mother is looking for a phone on which she can text and email – you go momma!  As soon as you pick out the one you want let dad know – I was recommending the HTC model. Anyways, just I wanted to send out a quick Happy Birthday!  We love you!

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  1. Thank you and Happy, Happy Birthday to our son! As of now you are another year older! It was wonderful to be sung to in the middle of a mall by some of my favorite singers!! The flowers I got are so much prettier than this picture!I sent pics this a.m. so you could see how beautiful they are. There are 8 or more huge pink roses, 7 stargazer lilys, pink hydranga and my favorite pink peonys plus some other little stuff they are the best I have ever had. Thank you so much. I love you Birthday Boy! Mom

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