Happy Birthday… to me!

Making a wish!

So today was my B-day!  It was quite awesome, nay, lengen… wait for it… dary!  Sydney made me a Birthday banner that was at least twice as tall as she is – hand decorated and personally designed.  There was a table full of presents – part of which included the first pieces in the new Sydney/Daddy Star Wars Lego collection!  Lego R2D2 – soooo cool.  Anita and Sydney took me to lunch at P.F. Chang’s (sad that in a country full of asian folks that the only decent chinese food in town is an American chain).  And for dinner I slow cooked some ribs (pork ribs from my friends with Camp Arifjan access – thank you!), a mess of fries cooked in the only bottle of peanut oil I’ve ever seen in Kuwait (Anita combed thru dozens of stores before finding it), and a couple bottles of Godwin Brewery’s latest batch of American Light.  Oh yeah, completely sick full.  Of course earlier M&D called and I got the song and dance this time – Mom was singing and Dad was kinda chair dancing – well worth the price of admission.  Mom, Dad, Meg, & Mark all came through with flying colors via Amazon so Lego City is growing again – now we have a police station, pizzeria, and bus stop!  Whatever, it’s my birthday!  And then there was Facebook – I swear to God I had to clear the cache on my phone three times today because the emails telling me that apparently everyone I know in the world said Happy B’day to me on my wall were clogging it up!  Thanks for all the wall posts, texts, emails, and to who ever trained the turtle dove that lives outside our bathroom to coo Happy Birthday – that was truly awesome.  Thanks again everyone – you guys rock!

My Birthday Banner from Sydney!

3 thoughts on “Happy Birthday… to me!”

  1. Hey Godwin,

    allow us to get together next week-end for your BD friday we would like to do something for you it’s not FAIR that only SID can make you a Banner I know BOB and Wayne are jalous of her.

    GOD BLESS wish you health and prosperity for many many 1000000 years to come.

  2. Glad you got something from us!! You have about 10 min left on your day that sounded pretty wonderful! We miss you and are so glad you had a Happy Birthday! Much Love, M&D

  3. Stew,
    I know I have been saying this but you need to come to our poker game. I think you would have a good time, Let me know if your up for it

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