Happy Birthday Sweetpea!

For some reason Sydney has continued to defy her parent’s decree to stop growing up and has now reached the ripe ol’ age of 11!  This year she decided that a smaller gathering would be more appropriate for someone her age and invited just three of her besties over for a night of birthday fun and a sleepover.  We had a full night of activities planned starting with the girls doing each other’s nails before heading over to the Village for pizza at Upper Crust.  At dinner while waiting for the pizza to cook the girls took a who well do you know me quiz which looked like lots of fun.  For dessert we stopped over at the gelato shop.  Throughout the night we had secret activities hidden away in balloons that had to be popped at certain times, my favorite of which was the Cupid Shuffle led by Anita.  We set up the couches and beds in the living room for the girls to crash out on and hope for the best sleep wise.  In the morning the girls were treated to a Parisian breakfast from Chez Stew’s and topped everything off with a Krispy Kreme Kake!  All in all it was a really fun couple of days and all of the girls were just great.  Lots of pics below!

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