Halloween in Kuwait 2016 – TES Asylum

Halloween 2016 TES Asylum
Halloween 2016 TES Asylum -Table/Room Decor

Even though I’ve not gratuitously posted up pics of our Halloween decorations this year that has not kept the zombies at bay.  This year’s Y7&8 Halloween event at TES was the TES Asylum and was another tremendous event by the TES PA.  The kids entered by walking through a ‘haunted house’ which was asylum themed.  Parents, teachers, and alumni dressed up as staff and patients and did their best to get a few good jump scares out of the kids as they went through.  After making their way through the twisted asylum corridors they escaped to pizza and music outside the cemetery.

Halloween 2016 TES Asylum
Halloween 2016 TES Asylum – Scary Staff

A few favors were cashed in and Anita, Sydney, and I were there to lend a hand.  Anita decorated the ‘operating room’ in the haunted house and was part of the asylum’s staff.  Sydney and her friend Julia were both part of the scary staff, and I got to hang things up high, bang on walls behind the scenes, and general go-fer type stuff.  The rest of the PA did an amazing job decorating the performing arts center and the whole event was lots of fun.

As expected the kids were having lots of fun.  Everyone was dressed in costumes, there was candy on the tables, light machines, fog, dancing, and much, much more.  I even think I saw the headmaster in an electric chair over in the electro-shock therapy wing.  It was a fun time for the older kids and I’m pretty sure the staff and parents had a good time too.

More pics below.

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