Halloween in Kuwait – 2014

Well the house is still a work in progress but since the guys are coming over this weekend to play some cards we thought that we should go ahead and get Halloween out.  Everything has been out and spread over the tables for a few days but we managed to actually get everything in place in a matter of hours.  Something of a record for us.

This year the crazies have apparently clamped down on Halloween parties and candy and decorations being sold so our little display might be all the Halloween fun Kuwait’s gonna have this year.  Well that not’s true, a couple of the schools are going to have discos/fairs and our friend the Coopers are having TWO parties – one for the under four foot tall type ghouls and one for us taller folks.  I’m going as Dano from Hawaii 5-O – oh yeah, a badge, Hawaiian shirt, shorts, and sandals – so rockin’ that costume!  We’re also going to have a Family Fright-day before Halloween – Sydney and I are cooking up a bunch of goodies and are gonna watch some spooky movies with said goodies and Halloween candy galore!

So anyways, enjoy the pictures – we’ll post more up of the Family Fright-day and the Halloween parties but for now here’s the house.

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