Godwin’s Hollow Has A New Home!

When we had to move to the new place we obviously had to pack up Godwin’s Hollow and move it along with us.  This was no easy feat but we managed to get everything over with very few major breakups and the move gave us a much needed chance to get the city washed up.  The city’s new home is a bit different sized but overall we’ve been able to shuffle the tables around and it’s given us a little more room in total – which is yes, awesome!

We had to cut the tale tops a bit to get everything to fit right but once the table tops were in places and secured together the real fun started – planning the new layout.  Sydney and I talked about a few different layouts before settling on the one we’ve chosen (lots of straight roads, intersections, even a semi-zoned sort of layout) and while the girls have been gone I’ve been setting things up.  Started by unpacking the biggest buildings and running everything that I could under the shower as everything in the city had accumulated several years of dust – yeah things were pretty nasty.  Once everything had a bath I started laying things out according to plan.  Some of the buildings needed some minor changes to their foot prints or needed an update to their facade and I started knocking those out as the buildings were placed in the city.

After everything was basically where it needed to be I started tweaking some of the existing buildings (the strip mall, the Red Brick Pizza Oven) and even added a couple new spots (ABS Travel & Tours and Fancy That Costume Shop).  Godwin’s Hollow has a great new layout and is making some great progress in getting back to normal.  We have a few spots online that are dedicated to the city so feel free to stop by either for more pictures and details on the individual buildings – MOC Pages and Flikr.  Otherwise there are pics below.

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