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Wide shot over the city while we were moving it into the new place...
Wide shot over the city while we were moving it into the new place…

So for the few of you that stop by from time to time and haven’t noticed our little LEGO city – Godwin’s Hollow – it exists.  Much to the chagrin of Anita it actually takes up a sizable chunk of upstairs.  Anyways, Sydney and I enjoy adding to it as often as we can and most folks who stick their heads in when they stop by the house are generally impressed.  It’s by no means the largest or most detailed LEGO city layout out there but I’d put money on it holding that title in Kuwait.

Back to the point of the post.  Over the last few years we’ve been posting pics of Godwin’s Hollow on our Flickr page, our MOC Pages page, and a few other places online.  Believe it or not our little Flickr page rakes in about 1200 hits a day – not too shabby for something with only LEGO pics that’s not really advertised anywhere.  Back in September we posted up a few new additions to the city (a strip mall, travel agency, re-vamped farm, etc) and our Flickr page went nuts – we wrangled in nearly 12,000 hits in one day back then:

11,967 hits in one day!
11,967 hits in one day!

Beyond that, we even got picked up for the front page of TLG’s own fan creation site – Rebrick.com:

Godwin's Hollow on the front page of The LEGO Group's Rebrick.com!
Godwin’s Hollow on the front page of The LEGO Group’s Rebrick.com!

Obviously Sydney and I were really impressed with ourselves at that point.  The fact that that many people just wanted to take a look is really cool.  The LEGO community is a very mutually supportive group and we’ve received lots of great comments from other fans and were even asked for instructions for one of models once!

First referral from Godwinsq8.com!
First referral from Godwinsq8.com!

And yesterday we had another milestone of sorts.  We had the first hit to our Flickr page from this site!  Sydney kinda just gave me the 40,000ft stare when I told her but I thought it was pretty cool – so whoever clicked on over – thanks!

If anyone is interested feel free to stop by either Flickr or MOCPages to see more of Godwin’s Hollow.



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