Go Windsor!

Sydney's poster contest entry...

For those of you joining us from around the world who may not know Sydney attends an English (UK English) curriculum school over here.  One of the things that they do at the school is divide the entire student population up into houses – Balmoral, Buckingham, Sandringham, and Windsor (of course Sydney’s house – Windsor – rocks!).   A few weeks back there was a small competition to make posters for your house and a house cheer.  Sydney was really interested in the cheer as Anita has experience in the cheerleading world they came up with an awesome cheer.  In the meantime Syd also pulled together a little poster for Windsor so that she had an entry in both competitions.  The poster requirements were pretty tough – it had to fit on an A4 size piece of paper (letter size for everyone else).  That’s a bit small but she came up with some that worked.  While we’re still waiting for the results of the cheer competition we do have the poster results and Sydney was a runner up and her poster is being displayed in the school’s head office.  Not too shabby for just making sure she had an entry!

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