Getting ready for the Girlguiding Centennial Celebration.

Now this has been explained to me several times and has something to do with the differences between British Girlguiding and British Girlguiding in Foreign Countries but by my count this the third year we’ve had a centennial celebration.  This year all the guides (Rainbows, Brownies, Guides, & Senior Section) are getting together for an overnight.  There’s going to be a disco, rummage sale, crafts, songs, and lots of other all around fun stuff.

As the FOG committee Anita & Jennifer have been tasked to coordinate the parent volunteers and make sure that there is enough grub for the girls.  When I was a scout figuring out who to keep yourself alive by making sure you had food and water was part of the deal but as this is more of a party than SERE training I guess we can cut the girls some slack.  However, that has meant that Anita has been responsible for covering three meals, two snack, and party cake for 100+ girls as well as all of the volunteer leaders and the parents that will be at the actual ‘celebration’ part of the event.    Obviously, that’s meant that I got volunteered to brave the grocery store and hit up Pizza Hut.  By the way, Pizza Hut really came through for the girls and knocked 75% off their per pizza price for us!

So as of tonight we’ve got everything either purchased or ordered except for the water and that will be in place tomorrow AM.  Check out what the kitchen looks like below.

Snacks awaiting marking and loading...
None of those silly carrots - only cookies and chips in this pile!
Just a few little nibblies for the adult types...

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