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Yesterday we went out the National Infantry Museum.  If you ever have the chance to visit the museum you really should.  It was an exceptional tribute to the men and women of the US Army Infantry.  The building itself is amazing and the first thing you notice as you pull up is that Iron Mike has been moved from the front of Building 4 to the entrance of the museum.  He’s in the rotunda and really impressive right out front.

Main entrance to the museum
Iron Mike leading the way
Us and Iron Mike
Anita, Sydney, Dad, Mom, & Iron Mike

Once you step inside though the scale of it all hits you.  The entrance hall has several avenues that can take you to different areas – the gift shop, the IMAX theater, or up ‘the last 100 yards’ which leads you to the main exhibits.  That’s where the real fun starts.  Inside the 100 yards there are actual military vehicles to include the WACO Army glider, a Huey helicopter, and the Bradley Infantry Fighting Vehicle.  All of the soldiers depicted in the museum are actual body casts of real soldiers from Ft. Benning and not mannequins.

After the ‘Last 100 Yards’ there are some mini exhibits about the Infantry Training Schools, Officer Candidate School, and Columbus, GA.  Then you head downstairs to the six main exhibits which display the role of the infantry from the founding of our nation through operations in Iraq & Afghanistan today.  It is really an amazing place with a level of detail that would rival the Smithsonian’s.  There were models, actual hardware, full uniforms (ours, our allies, and our enemies), walk through dioramas with sound, lighting, environmental effects, and so much more.  Take a look at some of the pictures below.

Gallery 4
Gallery 5
Gallery 6

This is the Soldier's Creed - I wrote this working for Task Force Soldier back in 2003/2004
The Davey Crockett - an infantry deployable nuclear weapon
What the display doesn't tell you is that the blast radius of the nuke is greater than the effective range of the weapon... bad juju Uncle Sam...
I actually visited Checkpoint Charlie when I was 6 - apparently I pointed at something and the soldier giving the tour slapped my hand down because the commies would take pictures and use them for propaganda purposes
Syd taking pics too

I think Ernie Pyle summed it up best.  “I love the Infantry because they are the underdogs.  They are the mud-rain-frost-and-wind boys.  They have no comforts, and the even learn to live without the necessities.  And in the end they are the guys that wars can’t be won without.”

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