Follow Me!

"Follow Me!" also known as Iron Mike - but some folks will debate that with you...

No, that has nothing to do with Twitter nor Facebook.  It’s the motto of the US Army Infantry!  It also happens to the be the name of the statue that sits outside the main entrance to the National Infantry Museum and Soldier Center in Columbus, GA.  We visited the museum a couple of summers ago and it really is a fantastic museum.  I guess that would really make the title of this post “Follow Me Again!” but we’ll leave things be for the moment.  For my Dad’s 60th birthday we (all of us – Mom, Meg, Mark, Anita, Sydney, and myself) got him a commemoration brick in the walkways leading up to the museum.  I’ve never seen it but Mugs (my sister – Celebrity Baker & Blogger Meg Pelletier) went out with the fam over the Christmas holiday – well yesterday – and took a couple pics for us.

Aunt Sissy & Mimi in front of the museum
Sydney snapping some pix at the museum a couple summers ago
The Davy Crockett - an infantry fired nuclear weapon with a blast radius that exceeded the range of the weapon...
The Soldier's Creed - written by a US Air Force veteran...
Pop pointing to his brick!
And there it is!


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