First day of school – Year 3!

How gorgeous is that smile or what?

It looks like we’re getting back into the swing of things – despite all of the Ramadan BS.  Anita was certain that they would push the first week of school back because the locals were all going to be gone until Eid (which is sometime around the 15th I think) but they didn’t so just a few days after touching down we had to get Syd up and at ’em – day one of year three was September 1st!  So for those of you counting this is the start of Sydney’s 6th year at TES.  Her teacher this year is Ms. Lee who seems very nice and we’ve heard is very organized – something we like.  For those of you back home Year 3 in the English system is the same age group as the 2nd grade back home.  This is also Sydney’s first year to switch teachers during the day for subjects – she’ll be going to Mr. Burgess’s class for math – or maths as the English seem to want to inappropriately pluralize just about anything that will sit still long enough to let them slap an S on it.  So without any further ado here are the pix from the first morning’s drop off.

Heading out on the first day...
Syd & some of her friends...
Around the playground
Ms. Lee
Had to have a drink after only a few minutes - it was HOT!
She's moved upstairs this year...

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