First day of school for Year 4

Today is Sydney’s first day of school in Year 4.  Her teacher this year -Mr. Wigg- is new to TES so this is his first year at TES Year 4 too!  Despite getting home like 3o minutes ago Sydney was up and at ’em and ready to get to school this year.  We’re really hoping that this will be a great year for Sydney and by all accounts it’s shaping up to be that already.  Almost all of her friends are in Mr. Wigg’s class with her (Amy, Ave, Zoe, Shaden, Ayisha, etc) and that’s been a huge positive for her – last year was kinda tough in that regard.  So it looks like the first day got off to a good start – check it out for yourself below.

Amy, Ava, & Sydney - first day Year 4.
Sydney & Zoe
I don't know, looks like some random bunch of girls...
Mr. Wigg giving direction pointedly...

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