Family Fright-day!

Next weekend Anita and I are attending a Halloween party and since it’s on Halloween night we thought that yesterday we should do it up and have some Halloween fun of our own. The TES Halloween Disco was last night too and while Sydney and I were in the kitchen cooking up a storm Anita was at school helping decorate.  Sydney and I spent the morning on several different treats.  We made a caramel and candy popcorn (Pirate Treasure Popcorn), purple popcorn balls stuffed with candies (Monster Mash Popcorn Balls), caramel apple bites with toffee, pecans, and salt, and some Halloween moon-pies.  Once Anita got home from the disco decorating we gathered up our goodies, our recently costumed drinks, and settled in for a couple spooky movies.  Well, we watched Holes and Ghostbusters so nothing too spooky.  It was a fun day all around.

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