Fairy Lights for Sydney

Sydney’s room has been a work in progress ever since we moved into the place before this one.  We just never got around to giving Sydney’s space a coherent look.  So when we found out we had to move we talked about what she wanted in a new room and decided that the first space we would spend any money on would be hers.  We’re still doing what we can on a shoestring budget but we are trying to make more of an effort to decorate up Sydney’s room.  The first step was to put up a little wall installation behind her bed.

To get Sydney’s fariy lights up we started by installing two sets of curtain rods on the wall behind her head board.  One was about a foot and half off the floor and the second was as close to the ceiling as the molding would allow.  Once the rods were in place we strung ordinary Christmas lights between the two poles using curtain rings with alligator clips on them to hold the string of lights taught.  We used the kind with a white cord to help them blend in a bit.  After the lights were strung up we installed a third curtain rod above the whole curtain-rod-light-getup.  On this rod we hung a set of sheer purple curtains to mask the direct output of the light string.

The whole effect worked out really well.  Sydney was very pleased and it started her ‘purple’ theme off with a bang.  We’re looking at some new bed spreads for her, new curtains, a rug or two, lots of brightly painted ‘stuff’, a small picture walls – lots of things.  As the room progresses I’m sure we’ll post up more pics.  For now enjoy the light show.

Fairy lights behind Sydney’s bed.

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