Egg decorating contest

So Mimi & Pop are spending Easter day with Aunt Marquette & Uncle Rick and I’ve heard that at some point during the day there will be an egg decorating contest.  Not being able to turn down a contest of any type Sydney and I have been preparing our entries all week.  We decided to both enter a solo project and then all three of us have entered a group project.

Sydney decided to go with a traditional Easter theme for her solo project.  She has decided to enter a hand painted pastoral scene on her egg.  We have green grass, a small pond, smiling flowers, the works.  This is obviously a contender.

Who doesn't love smiling flowers?
The reverse side - Happy Easter Easter Bunny

For my solo project I had to go back to my roots.  My Star Wars roots that is!  Mimi & Pop sent Sydney and I a Star Wars egg decorating kit this year that was AWESOME!  Of course what Star Wars egg decorating kit would be complete without the obligatory Tie Fighter?  This kit was true to form and my entry is the sp-egg-tactual Egg Tie Fighter!

Ready for lift off...
The awesome tie fighter in flight...

Finally, for our group entry we decided to go with something both Eastery – since it is a decorated egg – AND patriotic for our theme.  We had a little trouble bringing Anita around at first but end the end she was right there with us helping with the three cornered hat.  We decided to enter an adaptation of Archibald Willard’s Spirit of ’76.  Complete with drums, a fife, the flag in the background, and of course cotton ball hair we feel we have a strong entry for this year’s competition.  Not to mention that we went with ostrich eggs for our medium so our entry should quite literally tower over the competition.  We look forward to seeing the rest of the field and finding out how we fared.  Good luck to all.

The Spirit of '76

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  1. Wow! What great eggs! Sorry we missed you. We thought you would call at the McKnights and didn’t take our phones. Thank you for all the pictures they are beautiful. First Easter in 36 years with no children.We are so thankful for the McKnights being with all those kids was great. Glad you had such a good one.

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