Deck those halls!

Deck those Halls!

Christmas in Kuwait 2016 T Minus One

So it has taken a bit of time but we finally got all of the ‘boxes’ of Christmas out.  The trees are where they are going to be, for the most part.  Anita has been working hard to empty out all of the boxes onto any flat surface.  Carols are playing pretty much around the clock.  The Christmas movie schedule is being developed.  Yup, it’s time to deck those halls again!

This post isn’t going to be too involved.  As you’ll see below we’ve got lots going on in the real world.  However, I did think that it would be fun to try and post a bit more often this Christmas.  To that end, I thought I might build a digital advent calendar and post it up here.  After perusing the interwebs I found out lots of people have had that idea already and there are tons of really awesome options.  Lots of awesome options targeted at businesses – usually at around $1000 a pop.  I do love all my loyal readers – but there are limits.

Soooooooo… We’re going to do this on the cheap.  Instead of some slick app we’re just going to make a quick post every day.  Starting tomorrow and going until Christmas day with a little present for those of you who drop by.  Nothing big – this is supposed to be an advent calendar.  We’re thinking maybe a little video, Christmas song, picture – just something Christmasy every day.  Not sure how this will all work out but we’re gonna have a little fun giving it a shot.

Ho, Ho, Whole Lotta Christmas Goin’ On…

This has been a team effort.  I carried tubs out of the storage room.  Then Anita did all of the tub unpacking.  In the middle of it, she calls to let me know that we may have finally hit the limit on Christmas decor.  Personally, I’m not sure there is such a thing but am willing to keep an open mind.  I mean, it only took a couple of days to get it out of storage.  That’s completely normal.  Anyways, even though the girl will most likely be appalled at the ‘behind the scenes’ shots below they’re important as a frame of reference.  For the before and after in your head.

Just for you Paula – I would LOVE to bring my Christmas party on the road.  As soon as I develop the right logistics plan for all of this we are there!  Merry Christmas Y’all!

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