Cousins, Birthdays, and Burgers!

Cousins cousins everywhere...

Our nephew Braydon’s birthday is in July but since we had a handful of cousins all together at the same time in August it seemed like a perfect excuse for a birthday party.  There was cake, burgers, and of course presents.  Again, since I’m relaying all of this by proxy I’m a little light on the specifics but as usual I do have visuals to supplement the post when needed.  From the looks of it everyone was hanging out at Sue’s place and burgers were on the menu – either that or Shari has taken to grilling her meat balls after flattening them into patty shapes.  Looks like it was a good time all around.

Everybody around the birthday boy!
Shari makin the burgers... yum
Loot for the birthday boy!
The infamous kids table...

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  1. Ok, I guess I need to get back to my blog now that you have posted like 10 things in the last few days. It is officially on the to do list for the week!

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