Cookie Monster…

You should really read the title of the post in your best Cookie Monster voice – it’s much more impressive that way.  So really what I’m doing here is stealing a post from my sister’s blog but if there are any other non-Godwins reading this you should really head over to Meg’s site and check out these Cookie Monster cupcakes – they are way cool.  No one bothered to FedEx one over to me for a taste test but from an aesthetic point of view they are really awesome.  Meg’s an aspiring baker and as you can see pretty damn good at it already.  Click the pic to check it out.

2 thoughts on “Cookie Monster…”

  1. Yay!! Thanks for checking out my stuff. Love the new site…looks awesome! If I could fedex some goodies I would. Somehow I think they would lose something in the travel! :o) Love you guys!!

  2. No problem, besides, when I comment on your blog, you comment on mine, our sites move up the ‘ol Goggle ladder, before you know it sponsors are beating down our doors to pay us to advertise. It could be AWE… what for it… SOME! And no worries about the FedEx thing – they couldn’t be trusted to get something like cupcakes here – FedEx Kuwait is completely incompetent and alas my APO connection is defunct. I would say save me one but maybe we could shoot for a fresh one this summer.

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