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WP_20140912_17_16_36_Pro__highresYup, you got it.  This will be the end all be all repository of every imaginable way to get ahold of us.  At least as much of it as I’m going to publish online.

Well to tell you the truth, those of you that we know already know where we live and how to reach of us.  Those of you that we don’t would have to pass Anita’s screening process that makes the FBI’s back ground checks look like a job application at McDonald’s.   That being said if you feel that your life won’t be complete without direct contact with us please feel free to shoot us an email at   There is a really good chance that we’ll see your email and get back to you sometime within the same week you sent your message.  Beyond that we’re really not to hip to junk mail or random folks calling so lets keep communications digital for now.

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  1. Don’t know if you heard but Brian Tucker died today. Wife found him. Think it was heart.

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