It’s Christmas Time Again – in Kuwait!

Sydney and our nativity…

Merry Christmas Y’all!  That’s right – we’ve done what we can to spread some Christmas spirit around Kuwait.  Well, we spread it all over the house but that’s a start.  We love this time of year.  Anita has made enough cookie dough to feed an army of elves.  I have Christmas carols playing on any device I can find to plug into a speaker 24-7.  Cherry (our Elf on the Shelf) is keeping an eye on things and trying not to get into too much mischief.  Sydney keeps trying to get the animals to wear reindeer antlers and Santa hats (often to less than successful results).  We even got the lights going outside – the neighbors are soooooo jealous!

Before we get too far into things this is a bit of a long post so if you’d like I’ve added a bit of Christmas music for you to listen to while you scroll.  Ho! Ho! Ho!

The horse digs his Santa hat...
The horse digs his Santa hat…

For anyone stopping by for the first time Christmas is a big deal for the Godwins.  Growing up Mimi and Pop (well Mimi) would wrap up socks individually if we had a pair under the tree, we actually did the hike-through-the-woods-to-cut-down-your-own-Christmas-tree on occasion, and if anyone ever attempted to line up Mimi’s Christmas cookies I’m sure you could’ve walked from London to New York without ever getting your feet wet!  When Anita, Sydney, and I moved over here we took all of that to the next level – you’ve seen the movie Elf right – the set directors on that film have got NOTHING on us!  On top of our generally over-the-top plans we were decorating this place for the first time this year so it took a few days to get everything where it needed to be.  I’m fairly certain we freaked Colin out but he did a good job of hiding it.

So the decorate-a-thon got kicked off Saturday after Thanksgiving – 29 Nov.  We got a few things up on the shelves and elsewhere but most of the day was spent simply getting the tubs out of the storage room and everything out of the tubs.  With the exception of the floor I don’t think there was a flat surface in the house without Christmas on it!

On Sunday it was back to school/work so we only had a little bit of time in the evenings to keep decking the halls but we continued to make progress over the week.  Slowly but surely garlands were hung, handmade decorations repaired/fluffed, and things started to take shape.

Yeah, I know lots of pictures – but hey it was like five days of decorating.  So know we’re back to the weekend.  Zed (our dog) decided he needed to go out at like 5AM so I rolled down and walked him around the yard and then got right back to it.   Friday was spent almost entirely on wrapping up this effort.  By Friday night I was even to the point where I was fixing my Christmas ball garlands.  I have never burned so many of my fingers at the same time with a hot glue gun!  Mostly because it was like 2AM when I started.  Sometime before 4AM it was hanging up and I stumbled back upstairs.  Saturday Anita let me sleep in a bit but when she got back from the store it was downstairs to bring in the groceries and then right back to it.  No excuses.  Everything is done before bed Saturday night.

As promised to Anita (and Colin who was getting really good and hopping over piles of potential Christmas decor) everything was in it’s place before I hit the rack Saturday night.  Well, everything that was going up INSIDE was in it’s place.  I still had to hang up a few Christmas balls outside and get the Christmas lights up.  That had to wait for Sunday night.

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