Christmas Lights in Kuwait!

Yup, you read that right folks – we put up Christmas lights outside this year!  One of the neighbors down the street has some lights wrapped around their palm trees and Anita thought it looked really pretty.  Since we had a ton of lights left over from Sydney’s birthday I thought I’d see what I could do with them and check it out – Christmas Lights!!!  I did have some help, Bill came over and helped me plug everything in and then make sure they were all doing the same thing (the light have different effects).  So props to Bill for adding to the Godwin Family Christmas this year – we’re hoping the lights will be a big hit for Christmas Eve and help vector in a particular sleigh later on that night.  Merry Christmas!!!

From across the street, no flash. The lights seem a little brighter but also a little blurry. Still pretty cool that we have lights up this year!
From across the street, with flash. You can almost make out Anita in front of the left side of the front door…


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