Christmas in Kuwait 2016!

Christmas in Kuwait 2016 – Day 7

Everybody’s Got Hope In Their Eyes

Christmas in Kuwait 2016 continues!  I’m not sure how many of our loyal viewers are under the driving age. If you happen to be one of them you should stop right here. I said not to keep reading. Well, I said “should” but it was implied that you should stop. Alright, last warning – go check to see if there are any Christmas cookies in the kitchen. Mom and Dad can take over from here and you don’t want the big guy up at the North Pole to get the wrong idea this close to Christmas.

So today’s treat is all about a little Santa magic.  Way back when a little website popped up that would let you tell Santa all about your kids and Santa would make a little video to send back to them.  The site has been around for about ten years now as I recall.  Over the years they’ve expanded their offerings and now have all sorts of fun stuff.  There are mobile apps, ways to leave your number so Santa can call you, and of course lots of videos.  Sydney thought it was awesome a few years back and its only gotten better with time from what I can see.

Christmas in Kuwait 2016 – Day 7

You can check in with Santa through the Portable North Pole app.  All you need to do to find out more is click here.  Merry Christmas Y’all!

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