Christmas in Kuwait 2016!

Christmas in Kuwait 2016 – Day 6

Christmas is Full of Cheer

It’s a Merry Christmas in Kuwait! We had a minor light malfunction on one of our trees. By minor, I mean to say that when I plugged it in less than 10% of the lights turned on. Not fun. Thankfully, Tina shared some new lights that she had bought with Anita at Thanksgiving and they are great. They are tiny little things on this thin copper wire. The wire is malleable and stays where you put it – for the most part. We ordered a bunch for the misbehaving tree and they just got here today! It took several hours to get some 1000+ lights on the tree but it looks awesome now that it’s all lit up and finally decorated!

But enough of that stuff. What’s today’s treat gonna be?  Well, I thought we should go for something a little funny.  Technically, it is a commercial but it’s for a product to hide any offensive olfactory issues in the bathroom.  Anita found this product a few years ago but we’ve never ordered any so I can’t vouch for its effectiveness but the commercials made me shake when I laughed – like a bowl full of jelly.  Merry Christmas Y’all!

Christmas in Kuwait 2016 – Day 6

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