Christmas in Kuwait 2016

Christmas in Kuwait 2016 – Day 24

Sweetly Singing O’er The Plains

Merry Christmas Eve faithful readers!  Being away from family at Christmas has never been easy.  As such, we’ve always done what we can to incorporate all of our adopted family members into Christmas celebrations.  A hallmark of expat life is that our extended family changes quite often.  We’ve been blessed by so many good friends over the years that I’ve always counted that as one of our Christmas miracles.  Tonight we’re continuing our tradition of a Christmas Eve open house party.  All of those extended family members who are still in town head on over for some Christmas cheer.  All of you who aren’t in town – know you are missed and thought of.  This year to commemorate the night I think we’ll take a ‘family picture’ in front of the tree.

And that takes me to today’s treat.  The last one before the big day.  I’ve gone through all of the pictures I have and can find to put together an extended family album of sorts.  Just a little Christmas memory and a way to say thanks to all of you far and near who are honorary members of the Godwin family.  We love you all – even those I didn’t have pictures of.  Merry Christmas Y’all!

Christmas in Kuwait 2016 – Day 24

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