Christmas in Kuwait 2016

Christmas in Kuwait 2016 – Day 19

May Your Days Be Merry And Bright

We’re down to less than a week of wake-ups! So excited. Even more excited about Sydney asking to go see Rouge One again! Early Christmas present – LOVE it! The mail is still arriving and we’re down to only two more packages for Sydney and a box from Mimi. We’ve got our sausages and ‘lil smokies squared away for Christmas Eve. I’ve been collecting Christmas tree shaped cheese & veggie plate pins on Pinterest (or as Sydney calls it – the devil’s website). We’ve even got cookie dough waiting to be turned into stars, bells, and Santas! Christmas time is so much fun.

So, I’ve been trying to stretch these out but we’re getting down to the wire and didn’t want the last few days to all be Christmas commercials. So for today’s treat, I’m lumping all of the John Lewis Christmas commercials into one post. They’re all very sweet and hopefully new to most of you – except for this year’s which I already posted up back on day 2. Merry Christmas Y’all!

Christmas in Kuwait 2016 – Day 19







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