BSME Swim Meet in Oman

Sydney on the starting block at the BSME Oman Swim Meet

Sydney has been on the TES swim team (both the Nemos and the Tridents squads) for years now and is becoming quite the competitive swimmer.  This year the school asked her to be part of their swim team and the regional BSME (British Schools Middle East) swim meet.  She had to participate in a qualifying meet and do so with a specific time in order to compete.  After clearing that hurdle Sydney was on the team and off to Oman!

I wasn’t able to go but Anita jumped right on the plane and took off with the kids.  There were actually several of the parents on the trip and Anita got to share a room with our friends Tina Cooper and Victoria Parks.  Mimi and Pop and sent Sydney some Beats headphones for Easter and even though it was a bit early we pulled them out as apparently ALL THE KIDS were bringing theirs with them.   Anyways, the trip over was fairly uneventful but after a full day of wrangling an entire swim team the mom’s kicked back at the hotel for a bit.

The day of the meet was very busy and the whole thing was very professionally run.  There was a program, the starting blocks were electronic, and even a giant score board on the side of the pool.  Sydney really did a great job in her races and the relays she swam for the team.  Several of the other parents all commented to Anita about how ferociously Sydney was competing!  I was really sorry I didn’t get to see it in person.

The last day the kids had some time scheduled at some of the sights in Oman but it was a bit rainy so they didn’t get to everything they planned before having to head back home.  The team flew Fly Dubai (the region’s CHEAPEST airline) and apparently short of air they charge for everything – including being able to pick your seats.  No one really thought about grouping the team together until they got on the plane and noticed that everyone was scattered.  Anita apparently had a small problem squishing Sydney between a couple of local men and the flight crew didn’t snap to when she mentioned it politely.  You wouldn’t like Anita when she’s mad and neither did the crew because as soon as she went all Kuwaitia on them they were willing to do just about anything to keep her happy.  Sydney and several other of the kids all got to sit together, Anita piped down, and eventually everyone made it home.  Check out the gallery below for some of the pics from the weekend.

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