Breaking Records at the TES Sports Day!

Yesterday was the TES (The English School) Sports Day.  This year Sydney moved up to the actual stadium!  This year’s Sports Day included Years 5 through 8 and was held at one of the stadium in Salmiya.  It was actually pretty cool.  The parents were ‘sorta’ blocked into cheering sections by the kid’s houses.  Anita and I obviously came decked out in Windsor green!

This year was also a departure from the hop, skip, and jump type events to more serious track and field events.  In the ‘field’ category there was the shot put, discus, javelin, long jump, high jump, and something else I’m not remembering.  Then there were the stable ‘track’ events – foot races in every imaginable length by year and gender then relay races.  Sydney did really well – she even set a school record in the shot put!  Go Sydney!

There was an award ceremony at the end of the event and even a parent/teacher relay race.  Amy’s mom, Paula got out there and took to the track!  I enjoyed the race from the bleachers.  Lots and lots of pictures below.  Enjoy.

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