Birthday Bowling & Lo Mein!

Well as we mentioned earlier the party part of Sydney’s birthday had to be pushed back as Anita wasn’t feeling 100%.  So after a week rain delay we were back to birthday central!  Sydney wanted P.F. Chang’s for lunch so our first stop was to the Chang.  We hadn’t been for a very long time but other than Anita couldn’t find her dynamite scallops on the menu everything seemed in order.  Despite the fairly robust menu Sydney’s favorite is just their plain lo mein noodles.  My thing is the Mongolian beef and Anita actually likes to try new things.  We added in an Asian salad and an order of lettuce wraps and hoped we’d still be able to move after lunch!

We needed to be able to move because we were hitting the lanes after lunch for a mini bowling tourney!  The Cooper’s even joined us and we had a blast.  The lanes were full due to some ‘real’ tournament so we got to bowl in the VIP lounge!  Awesome.  There were just four lanes in there so for a good chunk of our three games it was just the six of us in there.  Sydney crushed all six of us as the big winner for the day.  I only fell once (took my shoes off as they were too small).  No one lost any fingers and a great time was had by all.   Pics below.

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