Better than a poke in the eye…

Sydney can tell ya most things fall under that category.  Yesterday there was a little accident at school that resulted in a paper cut to Sydney’s left eye.  Literally there was a small scratch across her cornea.  By the time we got to school she wasn’t in any pain (which I found remarkable since paper cuts hurt on the end your finger – I can’t imagine what kind of fun that would be on your eyeball) and we went straight over to the New Mowasat Hospital’s emergency room where the physician on duty basically said, ‘Yup that’s a scratch on her eye.  You need to go across the street to see a specialist.  ENT or ophthalmology will do.’

At this point I wasn’t feeling the love since it was twenty after noon and most doctors go home between 1PM and 6PM – which in arab time means noon to seven.  Sure enough no one was in ophthalmology and neither of the two ENT’s were in their office.  So we head home and Anita starts calling anyone we know who’s child wears glasses or may have ever had an eye problem to get a recommendation of who to make an appointment with.  One of the mom’s from Sydney’s year group said that her brother-in-law was an eye doc and she’d call him to find out.  Her brother-in-law said that he was on vacation but still at home and for us to come on over as he just lived in the next block up!

We hopped right on over there and he very graciously welcomed us into his home and sat down with Sydney right there.  He put a solution in her eye to make easier to see any irregularities in her eye under a black light.  Sure enough there was a scratch that crossed most of her eye but he said it was very superficial and absolutely nothing to worry about.  He then proceeded to GIVE us some antibiotics for her to use and a  handful of sterile eye patches ‘just in case.’  After all that he ASKED us if we could bring her back by today for a follow up!  We did and as of today the scratch has completely healed and is gone so crisis averted.

He works for one of the government hospitals in town but as far as being able to understand exactly what he was saying, his excellent bed-side manner, and unbelievable generosity (having us to his home while he’s on vacation) I couldn’t recommend anyone more strongly.  If you ever need an excellent eye doctor in Kuwait let us know.

Sydney walking into the doctor’s house. Being the rock star that she is she got to wear her sun glasses into school today – for safety reasons.
Sydney brought Dr. Amer some chocolates today since he wouldn’t even discuss any form of payment yesterday…
Dr. Amer & the patient…
There’s a small drop of red below her eye – that’s just the solution he put in it to help him inspect the surface of her eye today. No more scratch!

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