Best school Valentine’s EVER!!!

So, yeah, we’re big believers in the “If you’re not first, you’re last” philosophy.  A more recent adaptation of “Go big or go home” if you will.  That being said, this generally translates into most things our lives.  The “Beach House” (those of you in the know, know), Christmas decorations, cornucopias, etc. etc.  The most recent example of this philosophy incarnating itself in our lives would be Sydney’s Valentine’s for her class this year.  Mimi came through as always with some excellent Valentine cards but to supplement them we went and had some custom M&Ms made.  These are my new coolest thing ever (no offense to my Slingbox intended – different categories of coolest thing ever).  You can select your own colors, packaging, print short messages on the back of the M&Ms, and here’s the kicker – even print a picture on the back of the candy!  So as you can see in the picture at the bottom we shot off one of Syd’s beach pictures from a few years back to the M&Ms folks and presto bango three weeks later look what arrives.  Of course it took me just over six hours of banging on desks at FedEx and Airport Customs to get them into the back of my car but it was well worth it!  They get delivered tomorrow so if need be we’ll add some post-game commentary to let you know how they went over.

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