Best infomercials ever…

Ok, so I can’t take credit for this – it’s something that Anita forwarded to me from but it’s just too damn funny not to post here again.  These are from the 13 best of 2009 but I’ve only selected what I consider the top five.

5. The Jump Snap.  Apparently jumping rope is hard.  So for those of you who want ripped abs through cardio work there is a solution – the jump rope that’s not.  No rope – just the handles.  But wait, there’s more.  The handles make a snapping noise like the rope hitting the ground.  Seriously, can you imagine the balls of the guy pitching this one.  Hold on to your lug nuts though – this is only number five.

4. Kush Support.  I seriously don’t really know what to make of this.  I have no idea if there could possibly be any benefit to sleeping with a device like this but the generally pervy disposition of this little wonder lands it as number on my list of top 5 informercials of 2009.  Honestly, what goes through your mind.  Awwww, time for bed, opps, can’t forget my boob pillow.

3.  The Shake Weight. Ok all you pervs out there.  If you liked the Kush you’re gonna LOVE the Shake Weight.  I honestly couldn’t stop laughing long enough to really find out what this thing does so if anyone makes it all the way through the video let me know.  As far as I can tell it’s a weight of some sort but it seems to strengthen a particular motion set that could only be good for certain jobs.  Maybe that’s just me.

2. Comfort Wipe.  While this certainly could fit with our general theme in this post I personally think this should be filed under, really? we need one of those?  I mean we’re kinda already over encumbered in the bathroom over here.  Tiny toilet seats, wet floors, the hose, the paper, too many choices already and now they want me to carry around my @ss wand?  I don’t think so.

1. Aspray.  You got it folks, the number one infomercial of 2009 is for the ASpray.  Now they pronounce it A-Spray.  Anita and I are much more fond of @ss-Pray but to each their own.  One has to wonder what chemical concoction you would be bathing in that could control any and all forms of malevolent odor that could possibly ooze out of your body.  But hey, why worry when you’re coating yourself in @ss-Pray?

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