Been one of those weeks…

Not sure what this has to do with anything but it's from the USACE's Afghanistan website so there ya go.

Government contracting comes in waves and usually in specific times of the year.  January and February are some of the busy times.  For instance in the last fourteen days I’ve turned in 11 bids.  When you’re KBR, or IAP, or some other giant conglomerate you usually have teams of literally 100’s of people churning out graphics, tables, technical data, and oh yeah, preparing compliant bids.  When you’re Stew Godwin – you’re the epitome of an Army of One.  Which is probably a good thing as I tend to be a bit, oh, how to put this gently, condescending about my work with the rest of the unworthy masses.  So, my apologies to both my loyal fans as I know it’s been a slow week over here at GNK but we’ll be back to full steam ahead shortly.

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