Almost a real weekend!!!

  I almost forgot – starting on the first of September we’ll have half a normal weekend.  Kuwait has finally decided to go with the Friday / Saturday weekend.  It’s not perfect but it beats the hell out of Thursday / Friday.  Best part is that the partners have even broken down and decided to […]

Foodnetwork in the Middle East!

  So, y’all know that I’m a huge fan of the FoodTV.  Alton Brown would be my favorite but I dig a lot of the shows that have come through the foodtv rotation.  Well it seems that we almost missed our month of FoodTV over here.  A local channel called Fatafeat ( has been broadcasting […]

The girls are home!

  After two months back in the States Anita & Sydney finally arrived home late last night!  The cats were especially happy to have someone else in the house – well more to just have someone in the house who didn’t want to feed them to the dog.  I had a great housekeeper come by […]

Just call me Marty…

  Just so you know, for the three of you out there not related to us, I used to be a logistics officer in the US Air Force.  That combined with a VERY mild OC disorder leads me to want to organize the stuff in my house.  Over the years that has manifested itself in […]


Ok, so maybe I’m a really sound sleeper or maybe my villa is built on a rubber shock absorber but I didn’t feel a thing and the crack in the living room isn’t really any bigger then it was last week. Apparently at around 1:50AM (local Kuwaiti time – GMT+3) there was an earthquake – […]

KFTZ: Kuwait Free Trash Zone

  So my offices are in the free trade zone – up by Kuwait University and Shuwaikh port.  Two years ago it was near empty but its filling up quite nicely now.  If you’re interested in finding out some more about the zone you can go to their website ( except for, of course, the […]

Oh sweet Jesus!

My access to the APO system has been cut! I’ve got like 30+ boxes of stuff to ship from the States back to Kuwait and I usually just drop them in the mail and a few weeks later pick everything up in Kuwait. No more apparently. It’s a sad, sad, day…

Maybe it’s just me…

  So I’m online sifting through Google Images looking for some local architecture for a project I’m working on.  In the process of doing that I came across a couple of other local bloggers.  Both Kuwaiti, one male, one female.  The woman’s blog was a kinda pointless – a lot of “I have nothing to […]