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Anita's self-help library...

For those of you who may not know Anita is all about organizing.  She’s got books, file folders, and three ring binders on almost every home organization topic imaginable.  That’s not to say that I know exactly how many paperclips are in the second desk drawer on the right – but theoretically I’m sure that one of Anita’s books says I COULD – or more importantly – SHOULD.

Anyways, one of the things this obsession er, appreciation of organization prompts is a general re-“organizing” of our kitchen about once a quarter.  So far this practice seems to serve little purpose beyond causing me to figure out where everything is – again, or turning the kitchen into a federally label disaster zone.

Thank God there's no Kuwaiti FEMA - we'd have been forced to take a check then give it back month next plus interest

However, this time I’m seeing some pretty awesome improvements.  The kitchen is still a disaster zone but the pantry and the back hallway (pantry 2) is starting to take shape – and in a fairly organized way I must admit.  The baskets in the back hallway have been shuffled around a bit to contain things that are used in the kitchen but not often – and they also have cute little labels.  Most of my half of the hallway has been sorted into opaque black tubs – much nicer way to contain the tools, glues, tapes, etc that that end usually holds.  Then the pantry in the kitchen actually has food on it AND you can reach most things!  Very impressive all around.

The Heavens parted and a voice from above sayeth "this is good"
Check out the awesome little labels!
Apparently I was hiding the Prego in the back and we just kept buying it - 14 bottles later problem resolved...

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  1. My friend and SUPPORTER of all things organized
    the awesome Dawn Bakazan will be giving me TWO thumbs up for my effort.

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