Anita with her mom and dad – Sue & Bill Lockridge

It was a clear, crisp, Sunday afternoon.  January 5th, 19somethin.  In a moment of what has since been described as “perfection” Anita Sue Lockridge was born and the world as we know it began (or at least that’s how she tells the story).  As with me Anita was the good child (also known as the first born) and her parents, Bill & Sue, were thrilled.  Bill spent an entire career working for the Ford Motor Company in Claycomo, Missouri.  Sue held various positions over her career but in her last position before retirement was the Material Manager for a series of HCA hospitals In Lee’s Summit, Missouri.  Sue still lives in same home in Independence, Missouri that Anita grew up in.  And since I gave McClard’s a nod earlier I have to say that Gates BBQ and Arthur Bryant’s can cook some ribs too.

Anita attended elementary school at Fleetwood Elementary and then moved on to Pittman Jr. High.  She went to school, was a Campfire Girl, and generally was enjoying life.  So to shake things up a bit Bill & Sue decided to invite Shari Lynn to join the group.  It seems there was the appropriate amount of sisterly hair pulling over the years but fast forward to the present day and things are great.  Shari and her husband Rodney are the proud parents of Garrett, Braydon, and Logan Phillips (yeah, I know – three boys – they’re brave folks).

Sometime later in the 1900’s Anita graduated from Raytown High School.  If you happen to one of the lucky few that were able to also graduate from Raytown High you can find out about other alumni from – yes, you guessed it –  the Raytown Alumni Website.  Following high school Anita ventured all the way to the northwest corner of the state to Northwest Missouri State University. As an interesting side note in 1987 NMSU dubbed itself “The Electronic Campus.”  Apparently they had a computer in every residence hall room and were the first university in the US to do so.  Gotta love a school willing to put that many green monitors around their campus! While at NMSU Anita joined the Alpha Sigma Alpha sorority (or as I like to call it ‘the sistahood’).  They (the sisters) lived in Roberta Hall. Now some people (Anita included) have been rumored to have had an encounter with a ghost in Roberta Hall.  The ghost never burned Anita’s door but she and some of the other sisters decided to hang her portrait up in the annex hall to make nice. Despite the monochrome screen epidemic and the other-worldly forces arrayed against her Anita graduated with a BS in Education.

Anita in Europe

After graduation Anita decided not to head straight from the receiving end of the classroom to standing in front of one.  She took off to the bright lights of New York City where she worked as a live in nanny.  After the short stint providing domestic services it was time to put her education to work and she took a position with the Kansas City School District. A few years later Anita took a trip to Europe.  She made a lot of friends some of which were from Atlanta, Georgia.  She had such a great time and they pitched Atlanta so well that she packed up the family van and moved east.  Not being satisfied with your everyday ordinary undergraduate degree Anita made her way to Georgia State University where she earned her Masters degree in Education.

We met after I moved to Atlanta, were engaged two years later, were married in 2001, and after an entire night in the hospital Sydney was born.   There’s a little more on Anita and I in my section and Sydney has her own little bio thingy too.  As interesting side notes Anita has done some very exciting things over the years.  She’s lived in four states and two countries now, and visited 32 states and 14 countries.  She used to operate a roller coaster and been in a foam pit.  She saw the Jackson’s Victory Tour.  She witnessed the dismantlement of Checkpoint Charlie in Berlin and smuggled her cousin into the Olympic Village using a Cuban pass.  She was in the studio audience for the Arsenio Hall Show. She’s been legal to drink at three different ages and has developed and printed her own film and pictures.  She has even appeared on national TV on the stadium floor at the closing ceremonies of the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta.   All around, not too shabby.

Anita & Stewart, New Year’s Eve 1999

Since arriving in Kuwait Anita has really embraced living here.  She was the secretary for The English School Parent’s Association and has been extremely active in their Winter Bazaar, the Irish Dance Event, the Spring Carnival, and Quiz Night.  She is a member of the British Ladies Society.  She was recently asked to become a member of the Friends of Guiding chapter in Kuwait .  She has met many new friends from all over the world – England, South Africa, Hungary, Lebanon, Jordan, Kuwait, India, Sri Lanka, New Zealand, South Korea, Turkey, and many more I’m sure. She also works as a research assistant delivering valuable intelligence on upcoming contracting opportunities to local organizations doing business with the US Government.  For a very reasonable fee she can target, vet, and collate potential business opportunities for your company too!  Despite all of this she still manages to keep Sydney’s increasingly busy life right on track and even throws together dinner every now and then.

In addition to these already sizable talents she has also become quite skilled at maneuvering through Kuwait’s immense bureaucracy and helps anyone who asks with getting their driver’s license, turning on your phone, tracking down a PO Box, how to speed through the inprocessing medical check, and so much more.  She is also an active member of several internet forums where she offers her perspective and advice to other people looking at moving to Kuwait.  All in all she is becoming quite the expert on living in Kuwait – just ask her!

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