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The Godwins on the beaches of Kuwait

So we’ve been living here in Kuwait for several years now.  As far as expats go around Kuwait we’re your oldies but goodies.  We used to have no idea how they did it when we ran into people who said they’d been here five plus years and now we’ve almost crossed over ourselves.  Anyways, you can find out more about our daily routine on the home page through our (hopefully) weekly blog entries.  You’ll also notice the other links just below.  Follow them if you’d like to find out what we were doing in junior high school, where we come from, where we’re going, think sweeping cinematic vistas, but what you get is the low down on each of us.  At least as much low down as we think most of y’all would care to follow.  If you want to know more I suggest letting us know that you’re writing our biographies and we’ll let you in on all the behind the scenes stuff!

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