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The Godwins in Kuwait

These are the Kuwait Towers. They are actually water towers but they really dig their water towers around here. The globe on the right with the ring has a rotating restaurant.


Welcome to our website. This is our attempt to keep everyone up to date on whats happening with us in Kuwait. Wed like to think that this little showcase on our lives is a bit interesting and can hold your attention for at least a while. Heres what weve got so far:

 For a day to day update on what were doing Ill have to refer you to the link labeled GNK Blog (Godwins iN Kuwait Blog). The page formatting is a bit different but Im not an html coder so I just forward our Blogger account to that link and there ya go.

 The photo gallery is just what it sounds like a gallery of photos. Im trying to set up major headings that link to another page with more pictures along the same theme. Hang with me while I get this set up.

 The About Us page is for the three of you that are going to visit this site and dont know us. For everybody else ya know what this is going to say but its still good for a chuckle to see how we spin our fabulous lifestyles.

 Then there's everything else. Some of the different pages may link to other new and exciting content. Then again that could be just a not so elaborate ruse to get you read the whole site.

US Mailing Address:


William Godwin

1903 60th Pl

Suite M7152

Bradenton, FL 34203

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Fax: 001 206 219 4219 (US number)

This is our place from directly in front.

Kuwait Mailing Address:


Stewart Godwin

PWC Logistics

US Government & Military Affairs

PO Box 25418

Safat, Kuwait 13115