TES Sports Day 2010!

The Sweet Pea at Sports Day

So today was the year 1/year 2 sports day at school.  This is the annual spring track and field meet and includes seven different events – a straight sprint, egg carry race, obstacle course race, basketball shootout, bean bag toss, standing long jump, and a ‘javelin’ throw.  In the foot races the students competed individually and for their house (Sydney is in Windsor) and the other events were team events for house points.  It was a great day for the meet, sunny, a little windy, but not hot at all.  Our friends Dawn & Ryan were there as well since Calvin (their son) is in year 1.

Sydney did great in the foot races.  In the straight sprint she was 4th in her heat, 4th in the obstacle course race, but she was FIRST in her egg carry race!  Since she finished first in her heat she was able to race again in the final.  She lead the course right up to the end where she dropped her ‘egg’ and slipped to fourth.  She was hit pretty hard by the loss so we’re gonna have to talk about losing with a stiff upper lip.  Windsor as a house pulled together a third place overall behind the yellow house and the blue house – I really have no idea what they’re really called but Calvin is in the blue one.  A handful of pix of Sydney are below.

Wavin' to the crowd
Shootin' hoops
After the long jump
The "Javelin" throw
Leading the pack in the sprint
The egg race - Syd won her heat!
Celebrating after the win
OH NO! We have an egg down, we have an egg down...
The agony of defeat...
Waiting for the overall results
The house trophy

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  1. Wow, Wow, Wow!!! How great does she look! Please tell her how proud of her we are and how much we love the green hair! She will be in the Olympics before we know it! Give her a big kiss for us! and one for you for putting the pics up!

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