Deck those halls!

Deck those Halls!

Christmas in Kuwait 2016 T Minus One So it has taken a bit of time but we finally got all of the ‘boxes’ of Christmas out.  The trees are where they are going to be, for the most part.  Anita has been working hard to empty out all of the boxes onto any flat surface. […]

Thanksgiving in Kuwait 2016

Thanksgiving in Kuwait

Happy Thanksgiving Y’all I hope that everyone had a great Thanksgiving.  We are very lucky and very thankful that even though we can’t be with Mimi & Granny and our sisters that we still have great friends over here (and around the world) that are essentially family.  This year the Coopers invited us over for […]

To Men of Goodwill

Peace on Earth to men of goodwill

Happy Thanksgiving y’all!  This post is about two things.  First, we have a requirement and the ability to be miraculous.  Secondly, I obviously like to talk about stuff I know.  Covering both those topics right off the bat, the current King James translation of the bible quotes the Gospel of Luke in saying “Glory to […]