Our apologies…

Well for anyone who stopped by over the last two days – we apologize.  I had to move the database to a new hosting account and didn’t take into consideration how long that would take given the site has been up in one form or another for over 7 years now.  It took over 14 […]

Kuwaiti Snow Day…

So today and yesterday were pretty all around nasty here.  Yuck – sandstorms.  Generally speaking this whole country is a little light on the aesthetic – it’s ugly here – everything is brown – always.  Even the sky is brown.  That’s just how it is.  Of course when the sand rolls in its even nastier.  Sydney […]

Which way would you run?

Being a former USAF type I’m all about the F-22’s vast superiority over nearly all other types of military hardware, the Star Wars stuff that we’ve got that no one really knows much about, the MOAB, and all that other cool stuff.  I’m even up for a good ‘Go Air Force! Beat Army’ from time […]

TES Character Day

So every year TES holds a “character day” where they let the kids dress up as literary characters.  This year Sydney’s grade is studying Science Fiction as a genre so the year 4 classes got to dress up as their favorite Sci-Fi characters.  This led to a bit of a quandary on our part as we searched for FEMALE […]