Job Opportunity

Alright, I know my readership is pretty limited but there are some folks out there who stop by from time to time so I thought I would throw this out there and see if there are any nibbles.  A good friend of mine who works at KGL Transportation needs Americans to fill some open positions. […]

The Water Cycle

Sydney’s class is studying weather in science and specifically this week – the water cycle.  Their assignment was to make a poster that described the entire cycle.  They had to label it using their vocab words then use the definitions on the poster too.  Check out what my Sweetpea came up with. She sketched out […]

Sydney and her cats…

So ever since we moved into the Villa Al Godwin III there have been a clowder of neighborhood cats that have decided they live in front of our house.  When we first moved in there were a couple.  Since then momma has had two litters that we’ve seen and the number has grown substantially.  Since the […]