Go Windsor!

For those of you joining us from around the world who may not know Sydney attends an English (UK English) curriculum school over here.  One of the things that they do at the school is divide the entire student population up into houses – Balmoral, Buckingham, Sandringham, and Windsor (of course Sydney’s house – Windsor […]

We’ve got GHOSTS!

Or at least that’s what Sydney would like you to believe.  Mimi and Pop sent over some really awesome super-long-range (like 18 miles) walkie talkies.  Not like the plasticy-you-were-more-likely-to-hear-the-other-person-conversationally-than-with-the-actual-walkie-talkie “C.H.I.P.S” kind I had as a kid but real live Uniden devices. Well we’ve been finding one laying conspicuously close to where ever we are in […]

Geeky website stuff…

For those of you who may not have noticed I’ve added a few little things to the site.  Just some plugins that I found but I think they’re pretty cool.  The first which was added months ago blocks spam comments (spam post).  Its been very useful so it got me to thinking about what other […]