Party Time!!!

Well yesterday was the big day – party time at the pool!  We had to enlist Uncle Bob for extra vehicular support since the Death Star is still undergoing repairs (damn rebels!) and it was great not having to make multiple runs to the school to get everything dropped off.  The school’s pool staff are […]

Go Big or Go Home

In the words of Dawn’s wise and venerable dad – there’s no Donny Osmond around here, we’re Cadillac all the way!   So this weekend is Sydney’s birthday party.  Yes, we know it’s like a good two weeks before her actual birthday.  However, we’re having a pool party at the school and some of the people who […]


It’s that time of year again folks – Halloween has hit Kuwait.  And by Kuwait I mean our downstairs.  One of the local grocery stores puts out Halloween candy and the Pottery Barn Kids store had some stuff out but the morality police frown on that so there’s not much in the way of Halloween […]